What can OneMarket do for you

OneMarket is a pan-European consultancy working from Brussels.

We have more than 25 years experience from Brussels politics and strategies. OneMarket started up the Stavanger Regional Office in Brussels and managed it for 19 years.

Our basic strategy is to look at the engine of European integration and how it is fuelled. This approach is applicable to training programmes and seminar for our clients (public sector, business, universities, civil society and the European institutions)

What can we do for you ?

We can develop a one-day training session for your management group  – a programme divided into three parts:

  1. Understanding the European architecture
  2. Playing the game (role-play linked to your activities)
  3. Debating Europe (moderated debates where you can discuss your selected issues )

We can audit your Brussels organization and help you develop a better EU-strategy

We can create a political role-play (with or without multimedia) tailor-made for your organisation

We can help your city with strategies to create or improve your competitiveness strategy

Together with specialists in city foresighting and environmental innovation  – we help small and mediumsized  cities develop strategies to stay competitive in market for talents, ideas and innovation.

To know more – please contact  Pål Jacob Jacobsen +32 476349493